The OPSC USPSA Program is led by Cody Dengler and Mark Sorensen; both top-tier USPSA shooters. You can expect USPSA matches at OPSC to be of traditional “run & gun” style leveraging a myriad of props that extend the fun factor by many fold.

General Information...

OPSC holds several USPSA matches throughout year, open to club members and the public.  Activities consist of setup on Saturday with the match on Sunday. We ask that all participants plan on staying 10 minutes after each match, to help with the teardown of the stages.

What is USPSA & Practical Shooting?

USPSA is a fast-pace action shooting sport that includes all level of shooters. USPSA is made up of several classes and divisions allowing anyone with any gun compete in USPSA. If you own a pistol and want to compete, there is a place for you in USPSA.

It’s important to have realistic expectations as you approach competitive shooting. Many people, but most especially those without a lot of shooting experience, make unreasonable assumptions about this game.

If you had just begun to golf it is unlikely that you would assume you know how to golf before the first lesson. You've probably seen Tiger Woods on television and heard the commentators wax eloquent about his skills. You may have seen him muff a shot and go into the rough. Even if you've never swung a club yourself you understand that golf is hard.

Unfortunately, many people are exposed to shooting only on television or in the movies and they believe a lot of myths that are presented therein. Our heroes are shown hitting difficult targets at extreme ranges without seeming to aim. Looks easy. Anyone can do that. Even people with some shooting experience may fall into the trap of believing that tin can plinking or hunting has prepared them for competitive shooting.

Practical shooting is an exciting, fun, safe sport. Like any sport, though, it takes time and effort to become proficient. Like any sport there will be times when your progress is rapid and it's easy to remain focused on your goal. At other times it will seem that you're not getting anywhere and it will be easy to become discouraged. Consistent practice will take you where you want to go.